Developed by legal marketing professionals in tandem with barristers and clerks handyside.legal is a unique system which makes collation of directories’ submissions faster, simpler and more accurate.  Designed to create perfect case submissions and client referee spreadsheets for both Chambers and Legal 500 for any practice area in seconds.

handyside.legal makes a traditionally onerous process quick and highly efficient for barristers, clerks and marketing staff.

Using handyside.legal frees up weeks, or even months, of valuable staff time usually spent on menial aspects of the process to concentrate on more important areas and other projects.

“We were excited to first hear about the handyside.legal system and its success with other sets. We can already see how the system will benefit barristers, employees and chambers as a whole, in the long run. It will save us significant tedious ‘admin’ time with our next round of directories so we can focus on strengthening the critical key messages for each submission.” Deborah King, Head of Marketing, Twenty Essex
"handyside.legal system has made an enormous difference  to our marketing team. One person can handle the submissions in less  than a quarter of the time it usually takes. This has enabled my team to  spend the time we have saved on far more profitable activities that  bring business into chambers.”
Paul Gray, Head of Marketing, Brick Court Chambers
“I’ve had the handyside.legal system for over two years  now and can’t imagine doing the directory submissions without it.  We  have always filed on time for the deadlines but I no longer have to  spend my days, evenings and weekends working on them for months on end  in order to achieve that.”
Sally Wollaston, Business Development Director, Hardwicke
“The interface and the arbitration template are great!” 
D Brian King, Arbitrator, 3VB