Smell the coffee

The directory submissions are over, yippee! But only six months until it starts again. For less than cost of the members’ coffee bill you can have an easier life.

Now the submissions have been filed and the referees been checked you can try and get on with the real job of marketing to fee paying clients…until you have to do it all again!

Using our system you not only gain about three quarters of a year’s employment , but also greatly reduce the amount of time members have to commit to the process. is made up of a unique database and formatting system developed over seven years of filing submissions for leading London sets.

We now have over 830 barristers using the system from Commercial Stars at the Bar to Criminal Up & Coming and Family Court Rising Star at Sets in London, Regional and Overseas practices.

We have made savings of tens of thousands of hours of repetitive, pointless cutting and pasting, reformatting and referee chasing for our clients.

If you’d like to see how you can improve the way your set carries out its submissions please do talk to one of the sets that use us and get in touch for a demo.